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Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you still need help, girl, please contact us

  • What is the Club?
    The Club is our membership that gives you yearly access to everything within our shop + some additional goodies for one price for the whole year! (No auto-renew, join back when you choose!) We have two amazing pricing tiers: 1. The Club: Get access to everything you see in our shop, the course kits, social media packs, photo packs, planners, and guides, PLUS some basic tutorials on how to use our templates, and exclusive bonuses just for club members! 2. The VIP Club: Get everything above PLUS the rights to resell our templates on your own website or use them with your clients! Hello, extra money in your pocket! Save tons by subscribing to ALL of the content within our shop!
  • What is the VIP Club?
    The VIP Club is our membership tier that gives you access to all of our templates and products within our shop, PLUS you also get the rights to sell our templates on your own site or use with your clients! You get everything from inside the Club but with the amazing benefit of resell rights! You can resell any of our templates to your own customers! Want to make some serious extra cash selling to your fellow health coaches or friends in the entrepreneurial space? Just pay once a year for access and rights to sell! Save tons by subscribing to ALL of the content within our shop!
  • What Does The Club Include?
    Our yearly membership grants you access to our entire store of wellness templates, including future releases for as long as you are in the membership! Get access to beautiful brand boards, branded course-building templates, stock photo packs, social media templates, course outlines, basic Canva tutorials, Planners, Guides, photo packs and other exclusive bonuses! Everything you need as a wellness entrepreneur (or someone who works with wellness entrepreneurs) to create beautiful courses, memberships, and lead magnets, as well as brand & promote your business! If you upgrade to the VIP Club you can actually get the rights to resell our templates on your own website, use them in your membership, or use them with your clients to make extra money!
  • How Long Will I Have Access To The Club?
    You will get access to the club for the entire year, for just one payment for the whole year! Your membership won't auto-renew, but you can come back and renew with us anytime! You need to be an active member of the club to get access to the content. If you are in the higher tier, The VIP Club, you only have the rights to continue reselling the products for as long as you have an active subscription to the Club. So if you wish to continue selling our products to your clients or on your website, you need to go renew every year. Still a great deal!
  • Should I Buy Individually or Join the Club?
    This is totally up to you, bestie! Both are good options for different reasons, let's go over the benefits of each: By buying individually you can choose to buy only what applies to you... this is a great option for someone who just wants a couple of little things or wants to purchase a specific product for life. By Joining the Club you get access to everything for one amazing price! This is best for someone who is going to be doing a lot of creating and promoting, and wants to get everything! By Joining the VIP Club: For someone who wants everything but also wants to make extra money! You get the rights to resell the products for as long as you are in the membership (don't worry there is a buyout fee if you want to leave the membership and still get lifetime access to the resell rights!). This is definitely the best value for your money and is great for someone who wants everything!
  • Will There Be Coaching or Support in The Club?
    When it comes to our membership, we're all about providing you with awesome wellness templates and PLR content, but coaching isn't on the menu... at least not at this time! We wanted to keep this membership as self-serve and low time commitment for you as possible, we know being an entrepreneur is busy work! If there is a problem accessing your content we are here to help you!
  • How Do The Resell Rights Work?
    SHOP RULES: You have the right to resell the templates you purchase on your own website, in your memberships, use in your courses, or use for client work, YAY! A special note for reselling our Course Kits you buy in the Shop: to resell our Course Kits you need to add a resell license to your shopping cart and purchase it. Get license on this page! VIP Club: In the higher Club pricing tier you have the rights to resell all Canva templates that you get access to! Yep, the Course Kits too for the one-time-a-year price! So you can start making money! Extra Resell Details: You are not allowed to sell the resell rights to someone else, meaning you can not give someone else permission to resell the product after they purchase it from you (you can sell it to your clients, but your clients cannot sell it to their clients). Please do not resell the templates on large 3rd party platforms like Etsy, Creative Market, or Amazon, we do not allow this. So excited for you to make mad money!
  • What Do I Need to Edit The Templates?
    We do recommend having Canva Pro The templates are all editable Canva files, you can access and edit our templates using the FREE version of Canva, but some of the images and elements we use are from the PRO version and will be watermarked. You can swap those images out for Canva's free images or replace them with our stock photo pack. Canva Pro is not expensive and is an amazing tool for any entrepreneur! Here is a Canva Link to get a free month of Canva Pro!
  • How Do I Use The Templates?
    The templates are given to you as a Canva Link, so you will need a Pro or Free Canva account to access and edit the templates. Use THIS LINK to get a free month of Canva Pro! How much you edit the templates is totally up to you! All you need to do is add your copy and download and you could be done! You can also swap out the images, colors, and/or fonts for your own should you so desire, it's super easy! You can then download your templates as PNGs. JPG. PDF, presentations, and more!
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